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Foliar Application
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Granular and FPA (Fine Particle) Urea Research

Research carried out to determine the efficacy of both granular and fine particle application of urea on rye grass....

The Tow and Fert Multi 1000 featured on Baldy’s Farm Youtube Channel

Go check out the full video where he showcases the Tow and Fert Multi 1000 and how he is utilising the machine for foliar fertiliser application. James Herrick is a...


Joel Williams on the Efficiency of Foliar Nitrogen – Tow and Fert – Webinar

Tow and Fert hosts renowned soil and plant health educator - Joel Williams for a presentation and Q&A on foliar nitrogen efficiency....

Ultra Fine Particle Fertiliser, Suspended in Liquid, will improve your soil pH

Andrew de Lautour, Soil Scientist and founder of PFP Fertilisers, producers of Ultra Fine Particle Fertilisers, gives us his insight into the importance of soil pH. In the past, nutrients...

Its not all about ‘N’: Getting off the ‘N’ Death Cycle and on the Healthy Soil Wagon with Canaan Ahu

Contributor Article by Canaan Ahu Canterbury is often seen to be the promised land for dairy farming as we have the ability to irrigate the land and, when combined with...


Fert Focus Podcast Episode 1: Review of the Align Farms Regenerative Trial and Miah Smith’s Atiamuri Regenerative Farm Webinar

Episode One of Fert Focus presented us with two fantastic opportunities to review the farming practices of Align Farms in Ashburton, New Zealand and Miah Smith's Wilith Farm in Atiamuri...
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