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Multi 4000
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Farmer Story

Tim & Tom Hopkins Tow and Fert Multi 4000

Tim Hopkins was one of the first farmers to purchase and use the Tow and Fert Multi 1200 3-point linkage machine on his machine. Shortly after purchase, he added a...

Farmer Story

Ricky Taylor – Tow and Fert Contractor

Ricky Taylor and his wife Rebecca wanted to get into contracting fertiliser application in the liquid fertiliser space – they could clearly see that change was coming and they wanted...

Farmer Story

Allan Marx

Tow and Fert’s versatility has led to significantly increased milk production for Allan Marx. Nestled below Mount Egmont in Taranaki Allan Marx’s dairy farm was running a conventional style, pasture...

Farmer Story

Amy Stokes

Seeking change, Amy and the family farms made significant changes to grow more grass and produce more milk. Just outside of Christchurch, Amy Stokes runs the family farm at Waikuku. Consisting of...

Farmer Story

Josh Stephens

Saving on inputs of ‘N’ on his own farm mean Josh Stephens is producing more milk and saving $$$. Josh Stephens of Camperdown in Victoria, Australia runs a 900-acre, 430-cow...


Handover Video: The Multi 2800 & Multi 4000

This video will give you an overview of how the Tow and Fert Multi 2800 and Multi 4000 operates.

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