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Tim & Tom Hopkins Tow and Fert Multi 4000

New Zealand

Multi 4000

Tim & Tom Hopkins Tow and Fert Multi 4000

They are very robust, very simple to use, you can get through the volume of work and its value for money too. It's been good for us.

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Tim Hopkins was one of the first farmers to purchase and use the Tow and Fert Multi 1200 3-point linkage machine on his machine. Shortly after purchase, he added a second Multi 1200 tank onto the front of his tractor to give him and his team a 2400L capacity. With over 8500 cows and 4500 hectares over a number of farms, Tim needed something robust that would stand up to the punishing rigors of fertiliser being sprayed.

The Tow and Fert was the answer and after nearly 7 years with the Multi 1200 setup Tim decided it was time to upgrade to the Multi 4000. Tim’s son Tom is now the driver of the Multi 4000 and enjoys the ease of use of the larger Tow and Fert.

Importantly for Tim, both machines have had an impressive Return on Investment with the Multi 1200 setup taking less than a year and the Multi 4000 being paid off in under 2 years. Tim says