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Tow and Fert Multi 1200

The Tow and Fert Multi 1200 attaches to the back of your tractor and has up to a 18 metre spread width. The three point linkage sprayer is ideal for farms where manoeuvrability and terrain is a factor compared to the longer trailed units. With the optional crane system, you can make this a 1 tractor solution for loading and operating. A minimum of 110hp tractor is required to handle the weight, but a larger tractor will be required on hillier terrain. The Multi 1200 can self-fill by sucking in liquid from your effluent pond or a fresh water source.

With a 1200 litre capacity the Tow and Fert Multi 1200 can dissolve 1⁄2 tonne of urea in cold water, or hold 1.2 tonne of dry fine particle product in suspension. The Multi 1200 features dual booms, with a spray width of up to 18 metres, so you can cover 1 hectare in just 3 minutes. Depending on the application rate, the Multi 1200 has the capacity to cover approx. 10 hectares in one load.

Using tractor hydraulics, the Multi 1200 is simple and hassle-free. Fitted with a 100% Stainless Steel trash pump and a silicon carbide mechanical seal – specifically designed for this application, the Tow and Fert is built to last. All fittings are removable without tools and can be changed in the field.

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