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Tow and Fert Multi 500

The Tow and Fert Multi 500 is a completely standalone machine, developed to be towed behind a large ATV or side-by-side. It’s a great option for farmers wanting to get started on the Tow and Fert foliar system. With a low centre of gravity, the Multi 500 is a very versatile machine on all types of farms.

With a 500-litre capacity this machine can dissolve up to 150kgs of urea in cold water, or hold up to 300kgs of dry fine particle product in suspension. Want to add seeds to the mix? Add up to 25kg of small hard round seeds like clover, plantain or chicory to over-sow at the same time as your fert application.

The Multi 500 features our patented re-circulation boom design that delivers up to an 7-8 metre spread through one nozzle and stops product from settling in any dead spots on the boom. Depending on application rate, the Multi 500 has the capacity to cover approx. 3-4 hectares in 25 mins.

Fitted with a specifically designed 100% Stainless Steel trash pump and a silicon carbide mechanical seal, the Tow and Fert is built to last. All fittings are removable without a toolbox and can be changed in the field.

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