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MultiCrop 4000

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Tow and Fert MultiCrop 4000

The Tow and Fert MultiCrop 4000 redefines agricultural efficiency, effortlessly dissolving solid fertilizers for foliar application, maintaining, and evenly distributing ultra-fine particles.

Beyond its spraying capabilities, it serves as an indispensable nurse wagon, seamlessly supplying a range of fertilisers—conventional, biological, or organic—along with ultra-fine particles to air-seeders, rippers, or seed drills.

With our patented boom circulation design, the purpose built stainless steel nozzles remain operational and free from blockages while applying the most difficult of mixes. The 500L flush tank ensures the system is flushed straight after use reducing the risk of build up and prolonging the life of the machine.

When it comes to nurturing your crops and soil with biological applications, precision and care are key. We understand the delicate balance required for these applications. That’s why all our machines are designed to operate at an optimal 20 psi — safely below the threshold that could endanger the living organisms essential to enhancing your crop and soil health.

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